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Now you may well ask yourself, what does Uncle Don have to offer which might interest me? How about a smattering of homespun poetry, a dab of family history - well, maybe more than a dab** - a sampling of my computer-generated graphics. How about some cool tunes? 

  **10/99. Quite a bit more than a dab. 


This poetry is downhome stuff; Some has been inspired by the raising of livestock, others by being online.  Also poignant poetry written by others.
Don't bother with these kinship graphs unless boredom is your only friend.
This diary tells of the search of my Schwenk roots in S. Germany.
Snapshots is a thumbnail sketch of my life done with photographs.
Old Signatures; Nothing very titilating here, but then again how many people  possess an ancestor's signature penned nearly 310 years ago?
This page is about my home in Idaho.  Photographs. I think you'll like it. 
 1797 possessions inventory of Conrad Schwenk and Felicitas Breymayer.
 The story of Konrad Schwenk 1805-81, brother of our Johannes.
 This page contains seven different family trees.
 The story of this cousin-clan,  its evolution in Laichingen  in the late 1600s and the emigration of some of its members to America.
This page has been totally revamped July 15 2001. I think you
will find it interesting. Check it out.
 My cousinships to Presidents FDR and Ulysses S. Grant.
Online descendants of Konrad Schwenk 1601-86.  World wide map. 
Take a peek.
Hilsenbecks in America and their ancestry in So. Germany. This is one of my lines of ancestry. 
This is my Schwenk ancestry in So. Germany beginning with Conrad b. 1601and leading down to my grandfather A. Elmer Schwenk b. 1881.
 The grandmother of my Grandpa Schwenk was Maria Barbara Lieb. This is the story of my Lieb ancestry reaching back to 1600.
 Felicitas Breymayer was the g-grandmother of my Grandpa Schwenk.  My documented Breymayer ancestry goes back to ca. 1575. 
Current and recent newsletters of Konrad's Kids network of online descendants of Konrad Schwenk 1601-86
My translation from German of a remarkable 1964 booklet on the history of this family name and its many variants in Laichingen near Ulm

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